Chefs in the City 2021

Chef's in the City Reimagined

March 2021

Ryan Clark 326 Menu

by Clark's Catering

Tickets available on the Chefs in the City Website
$75 / person through Kamloops Rotary

5 course tapas style menu
Pick up only @ the Commodore Back door entrance please.
We will have scheduled time slots available for pick up.
369 Victoria Street

Amuse Bouche

Charcuterie Skewer

Fresh fruit and artisan cheese on a stick!


Roasted squash medley (G/F D/F)

Local squash, ginger, winter spices, coconut milk, smooth and velvety

Seafood Ceviche

Mixed prawns, Cod, scallops cured in a citrus marinade with chili's and herbs.

Complemented with a garlic aioli, chef's salsa and tortilla chips

Chef's Wine Pairing: Monte Creek Hands Up White
We will provide this bottle for Pairing with notes included.

Braised Beef Short Ribs

Celeriac russet puree, braised beef, roasted turmeric cauliflower, thyme roasted tomato, mini yorky!

Finished with a wild mushroom marsala demi-glace.


Creme Bruleeg

Vanilla bean baked custard, raspberry and white chocolate, burned  to perfection and served in the egg shell.

Monte Creek Hands up White will be the wine paired with the cievche and will also go well with the first 3 courses. We suggest you have a Cab/ merlot at home to pair with the short ribs!!!

Chefs in the City 2021
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