May Long Weekend BBQ Kitz

 Please Call Ryan @ 250.320.6955 or email to inquire about Dinners for 10 people with Chef Ryan grilling on your BBQ.


Chef Clarky's Bbq Meal Kit

Available May Long Weekend 2021

Call Ryan @250.320.6955 or email

  • All orders need 24 hours notice.

$125 BBQ Package

Cold Meal Prep

Feeds a Family of 6

4 12oz Racks of Chef Clarky's Pork side Ribs (Just Reheat)

1 cup Szechwan Glaze

6 Chicken Kabobs(Raw)

1 Cup Cranberry Chipotle BBQ Sauce

6 Vegetable Skewers (Red onion, zucchini, bell peppers, mushroom, cherry tomato)

1 Cup Apple Cranberry Slaw

6 Russets wrapped in foil (Baked Potatoes)

All the Fixings: Butter, Sour Cream, cheddar, bacon, green onion

1 Pan Southern Style Baked Beans



$80 Surf n Turf Package

Cold Meal Prep

Feeds  2!

2 x 8 oz California Cut Striploins(aka Baseball Cut), Seasoned/Rubbed

2 x 3 pc Marinated Jumbo Prawn skewers

1 Garlic butter portion

1 Lemon

1Cup Forest mushroom Demi glaze (Gravy Sauce)

2  Russet Potatoes wrapped in foil(Baked Potatoes)

Sides All the fixings...(butter, sour cream, green onions, bacon , cheddar)

2 Vegetable Skewers (Red onion, zucchini, bell peppers, mushroom, tomato)

2 Homemade mini Yorkshire Puddings


 Ghost Kitchen & Hot Supper no longer available

May Long Weekend BBQ Kitz
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