Braised Beef Yorkies & Greens


Miniature Yorkshire puddings to heat & stuff! These slow-cooked braised beef short ribs were pulled then placed in a wild mushroom & red wine demi-glace that is infused with fresh rosemary. A horseradish aioli dip, and snipped chives. and served with Chefs Fresh Greens salad.

Box contains:

  • 10oz of braised beef short ribs
  • 4-16 Yorkies depending on the box chosen
  • 1 oz of horseradish aioli dip & snipped chives

Important Notices to Read

All orders must be placed by 10 pm the day before the date chosen. We cannot guarantee any deliveries on the day of. 

Please be conscious of the date on the products. Please choose a date at least one day ahead of the current date.